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Dance Alive!

    Welcome to the fifteenth BloodThirsty Vegans newsletter. December 2010 Edition. The BloodThirsty Vegans (BTVs) is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.

    Currently the BloodThirsty Vegans are My Rap Name is Alex, Janna "MC Vendetta" Willoughby, Dave Harter, Ben Sachs, Bryan "Brrrn" Lohr & Kaitlyn Marie Gardner and sometimes Michael Delaney or Liz Bailey.

    Contacting BloodThirsty Vegans directly is pretty simple. We are all regular visitors to our facebook page. We design and operate our own website at that has message forums where you can leave messages for us or other BTV friends and fans. We also have myspace and twitter.

New Newsletter Design

    A full month early we have our new 2011 newsletter design and format ready. Hope you like it. We have a brand new section called "from the BTV Video Vault" where we can post a couple videos every month (hopefully).

    Hopefully we can have the newsletter out a lot more regularly in the new year. We've missed a few months here in the later part of 2010 with our busy schedules and all.

Social Networks

    In November the BTVs reached a lot of milestones on several of our Social Network pages. We FINALLY got to 1,000 fans on our BTVs facebook page. It felt like we had been stuck in the upper 900s forever.

    We passed the 200 followers mark on our Twitter page without really trying. Our regular myspace page zipped on past 3,000 friends. AND, Brrrn donated his old (very old) myspace page to the band and we set up a BTV Fan Page and that page already has over 12,500 friends in under a month. Cool!

    And our new YouTube channel that we've been working on so hard for several months went over 2,500 video views in November also. We've been having a lot of fun making videos.

BloodThirsty Vegans: Relationships

The BloodThirsty Vegans discuss relationships, especially band relationships. We are the modern day Fleetwood Mac (without all the break-ups and drama).

BloodThirsty Vegans: a little chat w/ "Magic Butter"

Interview with Ben Sachs of BloodThirsty Vegans where Ben discusses playing bass, having walked for hundreds of miles, and does not discuss being in a band with his sister and his girlfriend.


Dance Alive! [6:00pm]

695 Elmwood Ave
[$5 recommended donation] [All Ages]

Dance Alive! December 2010
Friday December 3rd - All Ages Dance Party (bring your toddler, go get your grampa, LET'S DANCE!)

at the UU Church of Buffalo
695 Elmwood Ave - Buffalo, NY 14222
(at the corner of Elmwood & W Ferry (please use the garden side entrance))

schedule: 6pm to 7pm = Potluck dinner
7pm to ?? = live music by Glass Hero
after that = kid friendly open mic
after that = live music by BloodThirsty Vegans


Live at Elmwood Lounge [10pm]

522 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, New York
[$3] [21 and over]

BTVs Live at Elmwood Lounge December
Friday December 10th - 21 and over

Elmwood Lounge
522 Elmwood Ave - Buffalo, NY 14222
(at the corner of Elmwood & W. Utica)

$3 cover


New Years at Nietzsche's [10:00pm]
Nietzsche's - 248 Allen st.
Buffalo, NY [14201]
[21 and over][$??]

    Come rock out in style for New Years Eve. Party Hats and champagne toast provided. Top shelf musical performances by Universe Shark, Family Dinner, Shapes of States, Family Function and the Sitar Jams and BloodThirsty Vegans.

    We are now booking shows for 2011, please send any ideas or inquiries to booking at bloodthirstyvegans dot com. For more info on our upcoming show schedule check out this link where we post upcoming shows.

Dance Alive! - Dance Alive November provided another great opportunity for the Toddler Army (that will Bring About Peace On Earth) to come and get down. We had to figure out how to be a band without Janna that night. We kinda are really not very good without Janna at all. But the toddlers forgave us and kept right on rocking merrily along.

Frack Action Community Speak Out - We were back at full strength for the community speak out at Nietzsche's... and so was the community. The community speakers were even more raucous than the bands. And with bands like Fudgychewy, Glass Hero and BloodThirsty Vegans, the bands were very raucous. Brrrn's new anti-fracking t-shirt was on sale and very popular. The dancing kept getting better and better. And by the time we took the stage there was a full on revel/riot going on. Mr.NiA even swore. Multiple times. Don't tell nobody.

Daemen Battle of the Bands - We had so much fun playing for Daemen College's Art Club at the Battle of the Bands last year that we decided to go back this year. And as you may notice from the video to the left, we had a lot of fun this year too. Those young folks throw quite a party.

Thanks to the Art Club at Daemen College for hosting such a fun event and inviting us back to play.

Big time gratitude to all of the people who came out, spoke out and rocked out at the Frack Action event at Nietzsche's. Thank for making that night memorably awesome and then thanks for sticking with it and going home and applying the pressure and presenting hydraulic fracturing as the recklessly dangerous practice that it is. The New York State Assembly just passed their portion of the moratorium legislation so now it just needs the governor's signature. So far so good. Let's keep it up.

Fun Link of the Month

Also from our home town of Buffalo, NY, rapper Billy Drease Williams has just recently released his latest installment of "Grown folks music", the long form video for "RUN" with lots of great scenes from recognizable places around town.

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Go love someone. Peace.

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