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Dance Alive!

    Welcome to the nineteenth BloodThirsty Vegans newsletter. April 2011 Edition. The BloodThirsty Vegans (BTVs) is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.

    Currently the BloodThirsty Vegans are My Rap Name is Alex, Janna "MC Vendetta" Willoughby, Dave Harter, Ben Sachs, Bryan "Brrrn" Lohr & Kaitlyn Marie Gardner and sometimes Michael Delaney or Liz Bailey.

    Contacting BloodThirsty Vegans directly is pretty simple. We are all regular visitors to our facebook page. We design and operate our own website at that has message forums where you can leave messages for us or other BTV friends and fans. We also have myspace and twitter.

We're on iTunes and

    It took a whole lot of trying but our debut CD, Let the Feast Begin, is now available worldwide via iTunes and Amazon. Here is the iTunes link, and here is the link.

    Also, please keep in mind that if you need a family friendly version of our CD we recorded one and it continues to be available through bandcamp

Vote for BTV in Art Voice's Best of Buffalo

Please note: The voting period has been extended one week. You now have until Tuesday April 12th!

    It's not generally our style to get too involved in all of the vote for my band stuff that goes around. However, we think we have put out some truly exceptional original music in the past year and it is a big benefit to us every time we get a nomination in the Art Voice Best Of Buffalo awards. So, since voting ends tomorrow (Tuesday April 5th at noon) we figured we'd make one final push to encourage a few more votes in our newsletter.

    Votes are only valid if you vote in 20 categories so Janna started a facebook page to ask for a few more votes and Alex posted 13 suggestions earlier today to help people get ideas. You can see all that on facebook: click here.

The Best of the Rest

  • After a few months of planning, the BTVs have finally entered the studio to start recording our second CD. See the Video Vault section for some video footage.

  • And we have added a video index to our website that catalogues all of the BTV related videos that we know about. Make sure you don't miss that in the Links Section down at the bottom of this newsletter.

  • After taking a month off from shows we have a BUNCH of awesome shows this month. Please check them out in Upcoming Shows section and mark them on your calendar or put them in your phone or whatever you do.

  • Lastly, the BloodThirsty Vegans are among the collaborators/organizers of an emerging Buffalo tradition called Peace on Earth Month. On the website there is a calendar full of "Peace on and With the Earth" events that all in Western New York are encouraged to check out.

BTV hit the Recording Studio

We've finally broken ground on our second CD and here is a video to prove it.

Thanks a bunch to Jesse for being our audio tech and sound engineer and a quality guy.

Sorry we got the newsletter out too late this month to remind anyone about Dance Alive. :( But we still have four more great opportunities to get your BTV on in April.

Fund Raiser [9pm]
Gateway Gallery

Buffalo, New York

Live Music by: The Blood Thirsty Vegans, Pia Mater, Reverend Soapbox & The Rabble Rousers and Eric Crittenden

Tickets are $25 each or $40 as a pair
price covers food & drinks + entertainment
*parking is free downtown on Sundays however it will be easiest to park in the lot behind the gallery itself. the driveway is between the gallery and liquor store.


Anime Show [9pm]
Deamen College [Wicks Center]
4380 Main Street
Snyder, New York

We are trying to find out more details: start time, age range, cost and all that and we will post them to our website as soon as we can get them. But we do know that we're playing at 10pm and we know that it's Anime themed and really that's more than enough to know that it's worth attending. Please do set aside the date and plan to attend.


Give for Greatness [9pm]
246 Allen
Buffalo, New York
[$??][21 and over]

    Austerity measures are being pushed on people everywhere you look. Here in Western New York the County of Erie has decided to cut out most of the Arts and Cultural programs that have made life worth living over the years. So Art Voice magazine and a bunch of local sponsors have teamed up to try to raise a million dollars during the months of March and April to put the funding back.

features music by: BloodThirsty Vegans, Reverend Soapbox & the Rabble Rousers, The B-Side Dubs, Autopunch, Logo City, Merchants. Even though you may see this event's start time listed at 10pm in some places we are DEFINITELY scheduled to play at 9pm so please get there before 9 if you'd like to see us. We are the first band in a really full night of awesome bands playing for a really great cause.

see also:


2011 Lizzard Ball [10:00pm]
Dnipro - 562 Genesee st.
Buffalo, NY [14201]
[21 and over][$15]

    The Lizzard Ball is an annual celebration for the Activists and the Justice Seekers and even the Peaceniks. It's been going on here in Buffalo, New York since the 1970s.

    The 2011 Lizzard Ball features live music by BloodThirsty Vegans, Lara Buckley, Gruvology, Kilissa Cissoko, Fudgychewy, EcoJoe and comedy by Kristen Becker.

    Activities: Basket Auction, Silent Auction, 50/50 Split, Bike Raffle, Door Prize, Snacks, Cash bar

    Tickets are $15 ($10 for seniors, students and low income). Proceeds benefit the Peace Education Fund.

see also:

    We are now booking shows for May 2011, please send any ideas or inquiries to booking at bloodthirstyvegans dot com. For more info on our upcoming show schedule check out this link where we post upcoming shows.

Dance Alive! - Dance Alive was the only show we played in March, but it was quite the memorable show. After a good bit of technical difficulty we managed to get set up and then we had more technical difficulties when our friends, Quest for Friends, lost their beloved drum machine. But Dave filled in a little bit and they played several songs without it and it was still pretty great.

Then BloodThirsty Vegans played a shorter set because we all had to clean up and clear out for a baby shower that was to start in early the following morning. It was all very rock n roll but I guess you had to be there.

Thanks to Rocco and Jesse at the yet-to-be-named studio we've started recording in.
Gratitude to all our friends who kept our various pages out on the web active while we stepped back a bit during the month of March. April is going to be a pretty wild ride.

Fun Link of the Month
BloodThirsty Vegans Video Viewer

Sorry to toot our own horn but there really are five and one quarter hours of fun and nostalgia to be had right here on our website. Our brand new Video Viewer catalogs all of the BTV related videos on YouTube and sorts them by views and recent views and length of the videos. So, if you want to find out what our longest or shortest video is, if you want to find out our most popular video or our video most in need of some lovage... it's all right there at your fingertips now.
Social Networks Report

During March our YouTube channel surpassed 5,000 total views. That was helped out a lot by our lyrics video for Silence getting to 750 views and the new video viewer just mentioned above. And lastly, thanks to the video viewer, it has been revealed to us that our total video views for all BTV videos uploaded by everyone has just gone over 14,000.

Check us out all around the web:
click em:

Go love someone. Peace.

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