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Dance Alive!

    Welcome to the sixteenth BloodThirsty Vegans newsletter. January 2011 Edition. The BloodThirsty Vegans (BTVs) is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.

    Currently the BloodThirsty Vegans are My Rap Name is Alex, Janna "MC Vendetta" Willoughby, Dave Harter, Ben Sachs, Bryan "Brrrn" Lohr & Kaitlyn Marie Gardner and sometimes Michael Delaney or Liz Bailey.

    Contacting BloodThirsty Vegans directly is pretty simple. We are all regular visitors to our facebook page. We design and operate our own website at that has message forums where you can leave messages for us or other BTV friends and fans. We also have myspace and twitter.

Bryan & Janna gettin hitched

    As of Christmas Eve of 2010 there are more active bandmembers in BloodThirsty Vegans that are planning to marry each other than ones that are not. Brrrn (Bryan) & MC Vendetta (Janna) joined her little brother Ben & his fiance Kaitlyn on the BTV impending nuptials team. Depicted here to the left is their actual engagement ring which features the phases of the moon and wedding colors turqoise, brown and --of course-- orange.

New twitter feed @BTVVids

    Yes indeed, BloodThirsty Vegans started a new twitter feed in December, @BTVVids, and every two hours --pretty much like clockwork-- our new twitter feed tweets out a BTV related video. For people who are into tweeting and that kind of thing, this is a neat way to get reminders of whats already out there on YouTube featuring BloodThirsty Vegans. And as our YouTube channel grows, this will be an easy way to keep up with what's coming out.

The Rest of the news

    We added more new lyrics to the lyrics index on our forum.

BloodThirsty Vegans: a little chat w/ MC Vendetta

MC Vendetta (Janna Willoughby) of the BloodThirsty Vegans talks about being in the band and getting buff with the tamborine workout

Bloodthirsty Vegans: a little chat w/ Brrrn

Bryan Lohr (aka Brrrn) of the BloodThirsty Vegans talks about BTVs' creative process and the infamous Burnwood Studios.

Green Options Buffalo and Tapestry High School "Intensive"

GO Buffalo and Tapestry High School teamed up this winter to teach valuable mechanical skills to hardworking high school students.

This video was put together by Dave and features BTV music.

    Apart from the fact that our New Year's Eve show was technically played in January, we are taking the month of January to begin recording our second CD and plan weddings and that type of thing. We could conceivably add a show in January if a show comes along that we can't refuse, but for now our next scheduled show is Dance Alive on February 4th. Please note there is no Dance Alive scheduled for January.

    We will be posting a list of shows that we already have planned for February and Beyond to our website soon.

    We are now booking shows for February 2011, please send any ideas or inquiries to booking at bloodthirstyvegans dot com. For more info on our upcoming show schedule check out this link where we post upcoming shows.

Dance Alive! - Dance Alive December was full of birthday energy as we celebrated My Rap Name is Alex's 40th birthday, as well as the birthday of Kim Worpek our video director for the "Do You Even Know?" music video. Dance Alive featured awesome music by Glass Hero, BloodThirsty Vegans and --of course-- the toddler army.

BloodThirsty Vegans Live at the Elmwood Lounge - In December the BTVs returned to the Elmwood Lounge to bring the heat on a cold Friday night. Click the link to the left to see a video mash up of some of the songs we played there (includes lyrics).

New Year's Eve at Nietzsche's - Shapes of States, BloodThirsty Vegans, Alassane Sarr's Mini Mix, Family Function & the Sitar Jams, Family Dinner & Universe Shark kicked off 2011 with a blast on Friday Night. We rang out the old year and rung in the new with lots of great friends, great party hats, revelry and awe inspiring music.

Gratitude to all our loved ones, our families, friends, tribe, the whole BTV family for being such a continuous network of support. Thanks to all the people who came out to see us at our shows this past year. The local and internet radio stations that have helped put our music out there. Gratitude to local activists and organizations for doing what they do and helping to create a better world. And gratitude to Dave's drum set for providing joy, entertainment, and music to little kids and established musicians alike all year long.

Fun Link of the Month
Toby Turner - Cute/Win/Fail

Toby Turner is a guy that's famous on YouTube. He makes a lot of videos that are like this one. They're pretty great.

Social Networks Report

Last month our BTV Fanpage on myspace went over 17,500 friends. We started a brand new twitter feed for tweeting links to our videos and that feed already has over 100 followers. And... our YouTube channel surpassed 3,000 video views. Thanks for all the lovage.

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Go love someone. Peace.

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