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Dance Alive!

    Welcome to the eighteenth BloodThirsty Vegans newsletter. March 2011 Edition. The BloodThirsty Vegans (BTVs) is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.

    Currently the BloodThirsty Vegans are My Rap Name is Alex, Janna "MC Vendetta" Willoughby, Dave Harter, Ben Sachs, Bryan "Brrrn" Lohr & Kaitlyn Marie Gardner and sometimes Michael Delaney or Liz Bailey.

    Contacting BloodThirsty Vegans directly is pretty simple. We are all regular visitors to our facebook page. We design and operate our own website at that has message forums where you can leave messages for us or other BTV friends and fans. We also have myspace and twitter.

They say "no news is good news"

    And if they're right about that then we have a newsletter full of good news. This newsletter will be pretty short because there's not a lot to report. Looks like plans might be coming together for recording songs and shooting a possible music video. We have a lot of great shows planned for NEXT month, April. But for this month... well... please come see us at Dance Alive on Friday if you get a chance. That may be our only public show this month.

[QuickQuestion] What do you like about BTV?

Back in October of last year we started asking our fans some quick questions on camera and last month we finally finished putting the first one together. Lots of neat costumes from last year's Haflaween and lots of really fun answers to the question "What do you like about BTV?"


Dance Alive! [6:00pm]

695 Elmwood Ave
[$5 recommended donation] [All Ages]

Dance Alive! March 2011
Friday March 4th - All Ages Dance Party (bring your toddler, go get your grampa, LET'S DANCE!)

at the UU Church of Buffalo
695 Elmwood Ave - Buffalo, NY 14222
(at the corner of Elmwood & W Ferry (please use the garden side entrance))

featuring music by BloodThirsty Vegans, Quest for Friends and the mighty TABAPOE.

    We are now booking shows for April and May of 2011, please send any ideas or inquiries to booking at bloodthirstyvegans dot com. For more info on our upcoming show schedule check out this link where we post upcoming shows.

Dance Alive! - Dance Alive was really fun this February. A lot of people showed up (lot's of folks came to see Whiskey Reverb). Dave was very sick and Kaitlyn was preparing for a test so we got to play with Kilissa Cissoko on keyboards for the first time in a long time, and our friend Shane who practiced with us before but never played a show with us got to officially become a BloodThirsty Vegan.
Flying Squirrel Fund Raiser - Then, a couple weeks later a lot of people showed up to see Dream n Reality --a really cool band of young musicians from the Rochester Area-- at our fund Raiser for the Flying Squirrel Community Space. This video is the first public performance of our new song "It's Like That!" by the 6 of us. And we ended up raising $220 for the Flying Squirrel folks.
Elmwood Lounge - Then a week later we premiered yet another new song for the folks at the Elmwood Lounge. We paid tribute to Manny Fried and performed a lot of political song lyrics that we believe may have led to some unAmerican activities.

First of all, our deepest gratitude to all of the amazingly awesome people all around the area who did anything --big or small-- on the issue of Hydraulic Fracturing. Buffalo managed to get our ban passed which did a ton to bring attention to the issue and ended up uncovering the dumping of produced frack water in our local waters. It sometimes can be very inspiring to stand back and look at what can be accomplished when we refuse to lose.
Second, a huge thank you to the folks at the Flying Squirrel Community Space for being great hosts. We made a bunch of new friends and had a lot of fun and raised funds for some great causes.
Thanks to everyone who came out to our Dance Alive and Elmwood Lounge shows.
Lastly, just thanks again to all of the freedom fighters all around the globe for showing what people power can do. There ain't no power like the power to the people.

Fun Link of the Month
Crisis in Dairyland: Angry Curds

Our friend David Coffee just posted this on his facebook. Excellent commentary as usual from Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.
Social Networks Report

During February our YouTube channel more than doubled it's numbers of friends and subscribers. We're still talkin small numbers here, but at least we're headed in the right direction. We've just passed 4,500 video views on our channel too. And our Reverb Nation music page just entered the top 10 for Alternative acts in Western New York and Southern Ontario. That's kinda cool.

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Go love someone. Peace.

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