Be Peace
  recorded Aug.28.2009 at Brrrnwood

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Be Peace
lyrics by A. Mead & J. Willoughby
music composed and performed by BloodThirsty Vegans: D. Harter, J. Willoughby, B. Lohr, B. Sachs, My Rap Name is Alex
video recorded by Amanda G.

My Rap Name is Alex:
it goes 3..2..1
If we could be Peace... the quality of life could increase
feed the belly of the beast and his wars might cease
BE PEACE... like warm grass and bare feet
BE PEACE... like no iron bars and concrete
BE PEACE... like a nap beneath the shade tree
BE PEACE... with me and the BTVs
Be peace and every day could be hugs kittens and apple juice
Israel and Palestine could call a truce
and we could love the Muslims and the Jews
and report it on the news you no longer have to choose
one or another of your brothers
not a hater of the haters, I'm a lover of the lovers
there's plenty more to life to discover
like every good boy does deserve a loving mother

If we could be PEACE
women could be safe on the streets
and no bombs would drop from 30,000 feet
and all children could have plenty to eat
be PEACE.... won't you be peace with me
be PEACE and maybe we could all hug the trees
and the birds and the bees could be top priorities
and the superstars could be the ones who cure disease
BE PEACE...won't you be peace PLEASE

and the band rocked on

intros & solos...

MC Vendetta:
This organization stops globalization
this civilization needs interrelation
by my obeservation across this fair nation
I see that we're run by some big corporation
supposed to be equal, spozed to be free
America's chained to that box called tv
You think it's so chic to be so unique
the media tells you that your beauty's clinique
beauty is free unlike that tv
and we can't be called some land of the free
speeding along with your cell phone
who cares about death when you've got your clone
And a nations relations where big corporations
are downsizing life with mass exploitation
apathy is spreading like a wildfire flame
every voice here has another to blame
and damn this country was built upon shame
but we had good ideas behind that great big name
and the BTVs that's our name

My Rap Name is Alex:
If we could be PEACE
think of how much stress we'd release
we could all rise above with a love that don't cease
and not study your wars no more in the least
be PEACE, won't you be peace please